over 10 years of excellence in customer service

BB Style turned Forever Golden was born over 10 years ago when a clashing convo by a mother and daughter brought to light how jewelry can be styled differently to make women of all ages feel feminine, stylish & confident. Together, they created a collection that allowed for both of their styles to shine while offering their customers an array of timeless and versatile jewelry that can easily be worn throughout the years. 

Barbara & Jenny’s hope is that their customers feel Forever Golden wearing their pieces while continuing to afford more styles for themselves and those they love. 


With over 20 years in the industry, Barbara’s passion for jewelry started when she fell in love with pearls and stones while living in Hong Kong. Once she made the move back to Miami, her interest led her to design necklaces for her friends and family and from the success of that opened the doors to create a bigger collection filled with an array of styles. 

Her love for making women feel confident, beautiful and fashion forward is her goal and she uses this feeling to drive the business. Barbara’s eye for variety is what makes her collection unique and she believes in highlighting every woman’s personal style. 

Barbara is a Florida native from Ft. Lauderdale who loves the beach, gardening and staying fit. Her joy is her two beautiful granddaughters who fill her heart and bring her so much happiness every day. 


After graduating college and working in the event industry, Jenny decided to partner with her mom in 2014 to expand the collection with looks that represented her style and spoke to women her age. Bringing in some modern pieces to the traditional and timeless collection allowed for women of all ages to feel like they could find something for themselves and also for their mother, sister or friend. Having a little bit of everything was really important to Jenny and has driven the success of the collection throughout the years. 

A Miami native, Jenny loves running a business with her mom while also being a full-time mom herself.